Do you know there are several types of tops prevailing on the market? How many of them do you own? Which one is best for which occasion? Get all your questions answered below!

When it comes to tops, we have a lot of variety to choose from because there is no such thing as universal top design; everybody type is different and demands a different top. Here, we will talk about a favorite clothing item in every fashionista’s closet – tops. The right choice of tops can make you look stunning instantly. However, with a lot of options at hand, it is not easy to select. Go through the following list and make a wise purchasing decision!


1.Ruffle Top

Ruffles are trending this season, and we couldn’t be happier. As the name indicates, ruffle tops have ruffles on them, mostly present on arms or at the front. However, this year, fashion designers have experimented by adding ruffles everywhere, and they don’t look bad at all. Ruffle tops can instantly add charm, style, and elegance to the overall look of the wearer, and who doesn’t want that?


2.Off-shoulder Top

Just like ruffle top, the off-shoulder top has also taken the world of fashion by storm. Basically, it is ideal for all those fashionable women who love to show off their body and are comfortable in their skin. You can pair this top with jeans or a skirt, whatever suits your style the most.

3.Wrap Top

Wrap tops consist of a cozy wrap in the front of the top, offering a stylish look. They look great on tall girls. These tops are perfect for night outs, casual gathering as well as formal use, depending on the cut of sleeves and neckline, etc. You can flaunt them with straight pants, plaid skirt, and heels.



photo from Natsty gal

Blouses are the most comfortable kind of tops after tees. They are well-suited for anyone who wants to look elegant without compromising on their comfort. Women of all age groups can wear blouses as there is no age restriction with this one. Blouses are inspired by men shirts; therefore, most of them come with collars. The choice of bottoms can be endless!


5.Belted Tops

Belted tops are on hype these days as the fashionistas and top designers, from all around the world, are talking about this style. As suggested by the name, they have a belt-like-element at the front of the top (usually below the chest line). The incorporated belts can be of any fabric, same or different than the material of top. Belted tops are a great pick for formal use along with straight or flared pants.


6.Crop Top

photo from Pull&Bear

Crop Tops are an evergreen favorite. They are cozy, stylish, trendy and super sexy. Most importantly, if your body is well-toned, then nothing can compliment your figure more than a crop top. Trust me on this! Pair a stylish crop top with jeans, skirt, short, and slay at any occasion. In fact, you can also wear it with a dress, and it will look equally good.


7.Tube Tops

photo from Natsty gal

Tube tops are versatile. You can wear them separately or pair them with a jacket. When it comes to bottoms, tube tanks look good with pants, skirts as well as shorts. They are not suitable for formal use, but you can wear them at any casual gathering or a night out.


8.Vintage Tops


photo from Pull&Bear

Also known as peasant tops, vintage tops are timeless, cool and comfortable. Normally, they are embroidered with beautiful patterns. These tops are in trend for the last two seasons and are a must-have in every girl’s closet. Peasant tops are for casual use only, and they look great when combined with denim


9.Tie Front Top

photo from Pull&Bear

Don’t confuse tie front top with a belted one. Tie front top has a knot at the front, while belted one has an additional piece of fabric used as a belt. Tie front tops are comfortable to carry and can be worn with jeans or shorts.



photo from Natsty gal

Tees are the most popular kind of casual tops in both, men and women. They are super comfortable and are perfect for casual use. Fortunately, a lot of fancy t-shirts have been introduced to the market, so you can wear them at parties as well. Tees look the best with denim, but you can also wear them with shorts and a skirt.

And the list goes on…

Bottom Line

Fashionistas are always on the lookout for trendy tops, be it camis, tees or shirts & blouses. The great news is that Cheekywawa has all the stylish clothing range that you have been looking for!  Apart from these 10 types of tops, you can find a lot more.

What are you waiting for then? Browse through the site, pick your favorite top, and flaunt it like a chic. Have a wonderful shopping experience.

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