Afterpay – The Fashionista’s Best Friend: Buy Your Dresses Now and Pay Later

Afterpay has hit Cheeky WAWA in a big way and helps more WAWA fashionistas shop smarter and look better than ever! All our great styles are Afterpay-friendly, allowing you more control over how and when your money is spent.  Like many other clothing websites, we’ve been looking for ways of making clothing investments more manageable and enjoyable for our customers.

No matter how big or small your purchase – you can now buy all your favourite styles of women’s clothes with us and pay it off in four smaller payments every two weeks, interest free. You’ll be looking great, without ruining your finances.

Browse our sequin tops, jeans, and other women’s clothes available on Afterpay!

Revamping your clothes is made easier than ever

There are many life events that makes it necessary to invest in a wardrobe makeover. If you enter a new job, you want to make sure you’ve got the smart attire to match – but the large sum of said investment can mean that you might struggle through to the next pay check. No fun!

If you’ve lost weight or perhaps become pregnant, you want to make sure that you’ve got a wardrobe that suits your new body’s look and needs to a tee! Afterpay allows you to buy all the Cheeky WAWA clothes you require right away, so that you can see the total transformation you’ve been craving as soon as our parcel arrives – without paying it all off at once.

Afterpay: How does it work?

We know, we know, for many of our clients buy now, pay later seems too good a deal. But Afterpay is truly all it seems, and more! We’ve incorporated Afterpay into our stylish online shop so that you can buy the styles you love and pay in a fashion that best suits your wallet.

With Afterpay you can make a wardrobe investment a more manageable experience by splitting one larger lump sum into four more manageable payments – interest free! Payments start two weeks after you place your order and are withdrawn from your account every two weeks until your wardrobe refresh has been paid!

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