Ambassador Wanted

The world of fashion is a dynamic industry that rewards talented and creative individuals for their creativity and artistic expression, and those who have a forthcoming attitude with a hands-on approach towards getting their creative juices flowing have a great deal to enjoy in the fabulous world of fashion.
Cheekywawa always seeks to create platforms and opportunities that allow our brand to connect and be inspired by creative bloggers, fashionistas, stylists, and all women who seek to be inspired and inspire others. We invite all fashion bloggers and stylists to come to join our team and become a Cheekywawa ambassador, an opportunity that promises heaps of rewards and recognition for your talent.
What are the benefits to be the Cheeky ambassador?
1. Get the best  selling  clothing every week 
2. Get AUD from AUD100 – 500$ cash.
              Please note that the candidate must have an Instagram account & 
organic followers at least 1000 people 
What’s more, the Cheekywawa ambassador will be the glamorous and glossy presence that will add power and beauty to our front page for the entire month. Our professional fashion photography team will arrange professional photoshoots that will include a great deal of pampering and glossing to make you feel sharp and glamorous like a super model, also get featured with our 10+million followers on every social media.
Just follow the instructions below and you’ll enter the pool of candidates that are applying for the position this year:
 Please note that the candidate must have an Instagram account & organic followers at least 1000 people 
Step 1: Follow us on Instagram @lovecheekywawa
Step 2: Sign up for the Cheekywawa crew newsletter, and provide us with your IG username
Step 3: Send us a picture of you.
That’s it. Simple and easy, all you have to do is connect with us on Instagram, sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated on all the latest happenings for this platform. And most importantly, get your styling brilliance working by styling a glamorous outfit with our products to convey your inner diva and personal sense of style in the most elaborate way possible. We seek to witness raw and dynamic creativity, of which we know the womankind has in such abundance, so, send in a style photograph that best describes your styling and fashion preferences without feeling the need to follow mainstream trends or usually acceptable styles. Remember, the canvas is all yours to showcase YOUR creativity, for it is the only thing that allows talent to touch hearts and connect on a soulful level.
Keep in mind that having a large number of organic followers will help increase your chances of being selected as our next ambassador. Also, you can boost your chances of selection being more active on our social media platforms and engaging in communication via comments. Join Cheeky Crew Now!