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Street Style Trends for Spring – Combine Statement Jacket with Worn-out Jeans

Street Style Trends for Spring – Combine Statement Jacket with Worn-out Jeans

Don’t you think sidewalks in New York fashion weeks are getting better year after year? Well, sure, the fashion runways are killing it as well when it comes to accepting practical fashion. Gucci and Dior ditched the impossibly impractical six inches stilettos in the favor of sturdy and comfy work boots for women. A similar pattern was observed in the recent New York fashion week on the streets.

Fashion editors, bloggers, supermodels, celebs, creative directors, and artists were seen flaunting their specs, high-knot buns, and ragged jeans, simpler tees – all given an uber-chic and artsy style with either a long trench coat or a structured vibrant blazer on top.

There is something about a blazer – the structure, the fit: it screams authority and control. No wonder, it is called a power suit. However, if you don’t want to go full-blown pro, there are still ways you can style a blazer in a chilled relaxed laid-back style. Let’s take some inspiration from the recent fashion week’s street styles:

1- Wear it with a Cute T-shirt

For more of a feminine chic cutesy soft look, we suggest you grab a pair of good old t-shirt, if it has cute hearts – it’s a plus. But, hey, you can make do with a graphic t-shirt as well, if you want to. Wear it with your trusty well-fit piece of denim and throw on your red blazer on top. Tie your hair in an upper tight bun. Throw on a pair of specs and you look like some hot shot creative director of a magazine.

2- Wear it with a Black V-neck

You can very well wear a red jacket to work without looking like the fire alarm if you play your cards right. Jeans is of course, what we are working with here so throw on a pair of dark-colored denim. Use a nice well-fit V-neck t-shirt to give off a poised and polished vibe and add on the red jacket layer. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!

3- Pair with a Cold Shoulder

Throw on a nice cold shoulder top from your wardrobe. Something lacey if you are planning to go somewhere fancy. Jeans would of coursework. Wear your red blazer on top and boom! You are ready to roll.

4- Flaunt that Mid-riff

If sassy and dressed-up is more of your style, you can ditch the top/t-shirt and instead can wear a bandeau or a crop top over jeans. Add the red blazer on top for a dressed-up polished look.

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