It’s December, the final month in the Gregorian calendar, but in the sky, some things are just beginning. November closes with a full moon in Gemini, a lunar eclipse whose analytical and unflinching energy clings to us until we greet the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14. Eclipse energy is considered a bad time to work any kind of magic. Eclipse energy that activates the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is all about refining your relationship to knowledge and knowledge acquisition. How do you know what you know, and in what ways can you challenge old sets of beliefs to more honestly reflect the contemporary moment you are in? How does ideology fortify you, and how does it compromise you? What are your values and are you still the same person you were when they were formed?


If your vision for your life has changed, then surely your values have changed as well — even if you forgot to notice. Rather than trying out an invocation you’ll regret later, the moons of the month support your commitment to clarifying the visions you have for yourself and taking steps to become more knowledgeable with regards to those visions. In the Northern hemisphere where the days are short and the nights are long, reading for personal illumination is time well spent; in the Southern hemisphere, where the long days stretch on indoors (because, hey, pandemic), a book or two for company is just as nice.

It never hurts to try your hand at a new skillset, especially if it’s calling your name and you’re not making risky pandemic choices. Jupiter and Saturn’s shift into Aquarius this month, followed by a conjunction on the 21, is a shift toward new approaches and perspectives. We have more options than we know and we don’t have to do things the old way when the old way no longer feels appropriate. Whatever we can imagine we can make real, so why not imagine a world where every living thing is sacred and no one is expendable? So be it. See to it.



For much of this year, Chiron, the wounded healer, has been in your sign. On December 15, the asteroid stations direct but won’t leave retrograde shadow for months. Whatever Chiron has taught you about the wounds you carry, as well as how to heal them so that you might teach others to heal, will be reviewed this month. This review can feel like a kind of release — but not the kind that puts you in the clear, especially since Mars has also stationed direct in Aries and remains in retrograde shadow until January.

Here, there is a sense that to move on, one must walk through the burnt field and see what has been cleansed by fire and what new life is possible. If you’ve worn yourself down this past month or two, if you’ve burnt your candle at both ends, the walk might be increasingly difficult. To move through the present moment with clarity takes both psychic and physical energy.

Perhaps, to give yourself some grace, some time, it’s better that you move toward clarity not as a state that happens all at once. Rather, you can visualize yourself as going through the process of clarifying. Surveying the landscape of your life one angle at a time until the whole picture forms, asking yourself questions when you find yourself saying something you don’t fully believe, getting closer and closer to an answer that feels right, right now.



On the part of the Earth where it is winter, bears began getting ready for hibernation in late November. Getting ready, of course, is all about getting fat with food and preparing to have those resources stored in their bodies. Now it’s December, and while you haven’t been preparing for torpor, you have been stacking and storing. As the days get shorter leading up to solstice, the nights stretch, and you have plenty of time to sort through the resources you’ve collected for the year ahead and figure out just what security looks like.

If it’s true that at this moment you have everything you need to rest and reflect, then perhaps sitting with your holdings has less to do with figuring out how to keep fattening your cache and more to do with sorting through what you already have and what you want to claim for yourself in the long run.

Even if you’re still feeling unsteady, your ruling planet in Sagittarius mid-December presents a great time to transform your relationship to abundance and — its cousin — debt. You can cultivate a new approach to negotiating what you owe and what you are owed. There’s a call here toward investing in yourself first, investing in your joy as your first wealth. Then, you can think of what investment means in other ways, like starting your own business, or breaking a contract with someone because you’ve made a new contract with yourself.




It might not feel like it now, dear Gemini, but you are exactly where you should be. Even if you have broken some promises to yourself, even if you’re feeling isolated, even if you are feeling powerless against old habits you thought you knew how to break. Sometimes coming into yourself is the opposite of feeling whole. Sometimes integration begins with unweaving the self as you know it. The parts and stories, loose, ask to be witnessed as separate entities, and then to be acknowledged for what they add to the whole picture.

What if this month, instead of focusing on the parts of you that seemingly refuse to evolve, you focus on your relationship to your own evolution?

Ask yourself, Gemini, where you store your will to change. Go back to the philosophies that inform your process and don’t rely on memory. Remind yourself of all your selves, read your journals, or the underlined sections of old books you could never part with. Marvel at your adaptability, born of curiosity and cleverness. Don’t let your feelings about where you are now obscure the work it took you to get here, or the skills that work has imparted upon you. Those skills are not one-time use, they are meant to be refined and, eventually, shared.


It’s not easy for you to let go, Cancer, no matter how good you are at packing your bags and falling off the radar. The firmness of goodbye, whether it’s directed at a lover, a job, or a city, might seem finite to those you part with, but rarely does it extend to the inner chambers of your heart where what you loved lived and became part of you. It must be at least a little exhausting to live in the tension between the resolution you embody and the grief you feel — especially if your resolve feels precarious, if it depends on hiding your grief.

It’s understandable, then, that there are days when you must dress up your grief in anger, in distraction, or bitterness. It’s understandable if you’re too tired to face it fully and let it move through you.

Take your time, dear Cancer, and be sweet to yourself — even if you don’t feel sweet, even if you feel monstrous. On the other side of an ending, we begin again like children, relearning our relationship to time and to each other. Children can be monstrous when they want for sweetness; when they need it most. Children can hide their grief when they take care of their caretakers. It takes a long time to realize that grief is what teaches us who we are and what we value. Now that you are your own mother, what can you teach yourself about the transformative power of loss?

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