CO-ORDS are trendy these days but wearing them can be a bit tricky. If not wore creatively; your outfit may look like a casual sleepwear, and you wouldn’t want to look like you are sleepwalking outside the house. Would you?

What Are CO-ORDS?

CO-ORDS is basically a short form of coordinated clothes. In the fashion world, they are also known as matchy-matchy two-piece set.

The set is made to be worn together; however, they equally work separately because they are often (not always) patterned. At times, the patterns are the same, but other times they are in reverse colors, or are differently printed. In case of prints, there is mostly a small detail on both pieces that subtly indicates that they belong together.

CO-ORDS are becoming a favorite trope in fashion because they are:

  • Cozy – you can wear them casually, and they will give you the same feeling as you are in your PJs.
  • Versatile – CO-ORDS are more versatile as compare to a tailored office outfit or cocktail dress.
  • Functional – they are handier than the jumpsuits, and less casual than a trouser suit.
  • Customizable – You can be really creative with the patterns, colors and prints of CO-ORDS, and make it a customized outfit, according to your taste.

Tips to Consider While Purchasing CO-ORDS

Just to make sure that you are not looking too casual or appearing like a sleepy head; keep following points in mind prior to purchasing CO-ORDS for yourself!

  • Don’t buy pyjamas or pyjama-type shirts because the cut of CO-ORDS is  relatively different.
  • Print and pattern selection of CO-ORDS matter a lot. Would you want to wear something that is like the curtains in your house? I’m sure, you won’t.
  • Color selection is another important thing to consider. Although you have the choice to give it a personalized touch, but don’t overdo it. Make sure that the set is interlinked with each other in terms of color contrast or pattern combination.
  • CO-ORDS don’t have to be shirt and trousers. They are versatile. You can opt for skirts, blouses, straight pants, off-shoulder shirts and any combination you want if they can make a good pair.
  • Don’t follow a trend blindly. Choose a cut or style that compliments your body type. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, a flared trouser will make your lower body more prominent. Similarly, it is not suggested to wear a loose blouse on an apple-shaped body.
  • Every small detail adds to the overall look; thus the choice of accessories plays a vital role in making any outfit 10× more attractive. With CO-ORDS, you need to be extra careful with the accessories too. The best advice? Don’t wear any footwear that resembles slippers. Secondly avoid long jackets, ties and belts. Bold jewelry and block heels are highly suggested with the CO-ORDS.

CO-ORDS Sets According to Body Type

The best thing about CO-ORDS sets is that, they are available in different styles and a wide variety. Therefore, you can choose what suits you the most. From crop top and skirts to trousers and cold shoulder blouses, the possibilities of CO-ORDS combinations are endless.

Mentioned below are some recommended sets for common body types.

1.Pear-shape body

photo from Pull&Bear

In this type, the lower body is heavy, so you need to concentrate on the selection of top. You can also wear a jacket on the top of the shirt to balance out the curves, or a loose blouse will do the job as well. Make sure that the trouser is not too wide because it can make you look bulky.


2.Straight/rectangular body type

It is a less curvy body type, so you can be versatile with the CO-ORDS sets. It is best to go for a crop top with a flared mini skirt or shorts and show off your toned legs like a chic. If you are not comfortable with showing skin, no problem! Opt for a fitted blouse, flared pants or a full skirt.

Our suggestion

Floral Co-ord Set

photo from Nasty Gal

With a stylish crop top and a flared bottom, this co-ord set is an excellent match for straight/rectangular body types.


3.Apple-shaped body

In this shape, the upper body is wide, so you need to wear something that adds volume to the lower body to even out the difference. A V-neck full-sleeves top can compliment an apple-shaped body along with a flared trouser or skirt.

Our Suggestion

Vintage Stripe Co-ord set

photo from Nasty Gal

The top of this set is designed to give your upper body some volume, thus it is a great suggestion for girls with an apple-shaped body. You can add attractive accessories with it for a killer look!


4.Hour-glass Body

Hour glass is a curvy body type, so you need to be creative with the cuts of the dress else it can look overdone. Choose a top with V neck, but it shouldn’t be too deep. For bottom, shorts will make your curvy legs more appealing.

Our suggestion

Bardot Floral CO-ORDs Set


This off-shoulder top is perfect for those girls who love to show off their shoulders stylishly. The crop top is coordinated with a mini skirt, which is slightly flared, but is perfect for displaying booty curves and sassy legs.


Regardless of the body type is, every woman on this planet deserves to look beautiful always, and co-ords can make this possible effortlessly. Why don’t you try yourself?


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