“Let’s win the heart of Justin!” by learning from the hot model Hailey Baldwin’s “bad girl” way of dressing

Getting rid of the image of the Playboy, Justine Biber announced the engagement with his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin! Little Justin’s prodigal character made him overwhelmed with box news in the past. He and his ex-girlfriend Selena had been together for several years while we can constantly saw his girl companions changing again and again. What’s special about Hailey Baldwin? What magic power does she have to earn his love?

In addition to being blessed in the performing arts family, Hailey’s personality and figure also made her popular in fashion circles. Not only is she one of the most sought-after models, but also she is the spokesperson for a lot of brands. On top of this, she daily dressings are the reason why she has been sought after by the new generation of girls, and even won the love of Justin. Through all kinds of wearing tricks to create a sexy street outlook, Hayley Baldwin, the ‘bad girl’. It feels that every shot of her is the focus of the street fashion, and she has become one of Hollywood’s most iconic fashion ICON. Here are some of the favorite styles that Hailey Baldwin loves. Learn from her to win your beloved ones!


Showing the slim and beautiful waist is a new way to unlock the term sexy, and to show off the waistline of training. CROP TOP is absolutely your best choice. Looking at the Instagram photo of Hayley Devon, you can find that she loves this Crop Top Style. Whether it is summer or winter, no matter she is attending parties or just having a daily outing, she will not miss the opportunity to dress in this style to show her waist. As for how to pick the one that looks slim, and brings a sense of fashion on street, everyone really has to take notes on her tricks.


It does not just get yourself dressed, it is also very important to adjust the proportion. For example, when pairing with jeans, try to choose a high-waist style, because the upper part is short enough. If you choose a low-wrist jean, the trick will not work.

High-waist military pants are perfect for CROP TOP. They are the best match for music seasons, beaches, parties! Look at Hayley Baldwin, it is really a second-kill!

Handsome and hot is one style but look at the A-line skirt that Hailey Baldwin dressed in when she walked the show, a different kind of charm appears. It combines Sports and fashion together. Next time you may consider matching it with a skirt to see what new feelings will come ~

When it is too cold to show the figure in winter, you may learn from the same style of Hailey Baldwin, and the wide-sleeve sporty short T will make you beautiful without runny your nose. When you get indoors, it was the moment when the amazing waist can be shown!



Mini Denim Shorts

How to catch a man’s eyeball? It is the best choice for you’re your advantage! If you are born with a pair of long legs, why not show it? Hayley, who is not too tall, often wears ultra-short mini denim shorts and sportswear to hang out, with slightly high boots or sneakers to make the legs look slimmer!!

Attention! Take a look at her pants, try to pick V-shaped, fitted denim shorts, so that the whole leg is exposed!

Large Earrings

The large metal round earrings are very varied. If you choose a wider large earring, it will be more imposing to wear. Match the hair with a casual micro-volume style. the whole gas field comes!

Hailey also has large metal earrings with such a thin pattern. If the diameter of the big earrings is larger, choose a style with a narrower width (that is, a thinner circle), which will look better than the one with the one with the wide circle. It will look good, but not so heavy!


The key to an oversize long sweater can be shaped by accessories! Booties + caps and texture accessories look nothing more than simple wears, but actually are careful tricks chosen.

The oversize long T-shirt is a great match for stockings.  When a pair of ankle boots is added, a Cheeky rebel girl is born!

Whether it is an oversize bomber jacket, denim jacket, fur coat, as long as they are oversize, a slimming effect can easily get. Oversize focus on improving proportion. The upper part should look wider while the lower body narrow. If possible, narrow pants also should be included.Putting on the Oversize jacket and getting the lower part missing is no problem! The focus should be paid to the shoes and accessories. You must not look vulgar.

Worn jeans

Worn jeans have always been a very eye-catching item in recent years. The simplest pairing of jeans matches a white T. If you want to improve the proportion of the legs, you can tie a simple knot to expose some part of the waist, casual but sexy~~

In addition match the crop top to modify the proportion of the legs, the matching of the shoes is also very important! Like Haily’s stiletto heels, it helps to stretch the lower body, so it is very important to use the accessories to improve the proportion of the body!! !!

In fact, Hayley and Little Justin really matches each other when it comes to appearance. The two were captured by fans in New York, and Hayley wore a denim short coat with Versace logo and high-rise jeans. In order to neutralize the feeling of gender neutral style, she wears a white short vest, revealing a small waist to increase femininity. It is no wonder that Justin is attracted by this  sexy cool bad girl ~~~


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