If you pay attention to what’s popular on street, you definitely know that the skateboard brand ”THRASHER” is burning in the celebrity circle. Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Korea BIGBANG GD are all diehard fans. They are often photographed with THRASHER’s most famous “flame LOGO T-shirt”, and because of such a high exposure rate, the THRASHER brand becomes a hit. Everyone wants to wear it! But you may be surprised, they actually hate these big stars to wear this brand of cloth…



Many people may take THRASHER as an independent clothing brand, but in fact, it can only be regarded as a by-product of the old skateboard magazine “THRASHER MAGAZINE”. It is the first monthly magazine focusing on skateboarding culture, including skateboarding and music, photography, interviews and skateboarding reviews which titles  “Bible in the Skateboarding World” and deeply influences the skateboarding culture of the following 30 years…


“THRASHER MAGAZINE” was founded in 1981 by Fausto Vitello, the godfather of the skateboarding world, and his friend Kevin Thatcher. This skateboarding magazine is dedicated to skateboarding magazines because of its reliable professionalism and rich content. Shortly after its first publishing, it immediately made THRASHER known, and then because of its high popularity, it expanded from the magazine to the fashion circle, which was very successful.

In addition, THRASHER has designed many classic and unique patterns, such as this American comic style T-shirt called “Boyfriend T-Shirt”. The hottest point is that the girl cried and said: “God! Why my boyfriend, not a skateboarder?!” This is one of the dreaming items that THRASHER fans must collect. It is so smart to express the admiration for the boys who play skateboarding in a humorous way!

Justin Bieber and Rihanna lit up the Thrasher craze, but they were also criticized: clowns without skateboarding culture!

The brand’s most classic flame-burning LOGO T-shirt has also been burned to Justin Bieber, Rihanna and others. They have been photographed wearing THRASHER constantly, but the brand is not happy about that.

Jake Phelps, editor-in-chief of “THRASHER MAGAZINE” magazine, once said that he believed Little Justin and Rihanna don’t understand the spirit of skateboarding. They just wear THRASHER to look cool and like people with attitudes. He even asked them not to wear the clothing under their brand. Clothes. But in fact, it is undeniable that they have made THRASHER famous all over the world.

Thrasher T-shirt has so many ways to be worn. When the top of the shirt is tied to the knot, the waist looks so sexy ~ ~ ~ When matched with a tight denim skirt, the body curve is forced out, the eye-catching rate is 100%!!!


THRASHER basic hat T casually paired with tight-fitting trousers is deadly handsome! Although it is a skateboard brand, who said that it must be paired with sneakers or skateboard shoes ~ ~ ~ High heels also rock!

No matter it goes with the THRASHER’s cap T or T-shirt, the clothing of the lattice elements looks more fashionable.

The university T won super-popularity for all those years. Of course, THRASHER is no exception. The simple university T with plain jeans is also a simple trend! Girls can put their tops into their trousers and show their nice hips!

If you want to make your THRASHER short-sleeved T-shirt more distinctive, Why not look at the inside and match it with your shirt. It looks different from THRASHER’s original style and is more personalized and cute ~~

Don’t miss out the chance, the ones who love classic style! The vintage shirt with the THRASHER short-sleeved T-shirt is really full of retro flavor! Who said that the modern street fashion ancients cannot be a perfect match for the classic vintage flavor?

If girls want to go punk, it is recommended to choose the dark-colored THRASHER short-sleeved T-shirt with some Rock elements, such as the popular choker (neck chain), which adds your charm greatly overall!!!

Even the basic THRASHER LOGO T-shirt with no special effect can still be dressed in a personalized fashionable way! It is said that if you wear this, people will sure to take more look at you.T he insiders know the spirit!


THRASHER Classic Logo baseball t-shirt, when matched with simple loose jeans, it is very suitable to wear on campus.T he boy looks so nice and clean, try it!


















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