2018 Trendy Items Fashion Celebs Most Loved

Are you looking for perfect casual outfits that are trendy and practical at the same time? Do you love to stand out from the crowd because of your fashionable dressing sense? If yes, then you will surely get a solution here.

Then recent fashion week has revealed an up-to-date dressing guideline for 2018, and it has bought a lot of old styles back with an innovative touch. The good news is that the list of new trends has something for everyone because of the variations in colors, designs, and styles.

For your convenience and ease, we have gathered a few dress options and listed them below. All the following items are according to the latest fashion trends. Have a look!

A glimpse of 2018 Cheeky Wawa trendy latest women fashion collection

Whether you are going out on a dinner date or planning a casual hangout with friends; every event demands a different look and most importantly, an appropriate outfit. However, it is hard to select a suitable dress for an occasion sometimes, even if you have a variety of options at hand. Below are amazing clothing ideas by Cheekywawa that can make a drastic change in your routine look. Are you ready to turn heads?

Formal Wear

1.Sequin Baroque Mini Dress

Sparkling dresses were the highlight of the whole fashion week. Many famous designers added glittery outfits in their collections. Being said that, this mini dress is a perfect suggestion for special occasions, or you can also flaunt it like a chic on a date night. With the dull shade and sequins on it; this dress is fancy yet decent. Available in different sizes, its length is till thighs, thus the revealing legs will give you a sexy appeal, and who doesn’t want that?

2.Sequin Mesh Embroidered Crop Top

Looking for a sassy and fancy shirt option? Here it is! This lace crop top is revealing, delicate, fancy, stylish, and just perfect for a date night to spice things up (wink). Also, you can pair it with a mini denim skirt to make the look more tempting.

3.Glossy Green Shirt Dress

Some more sparkle here ladies, but this time it is subtler. This dress is made of see-through fabric and is perfect for those who are comfortable in revealing their skin. The T-shirt has a glossy material that gives it a fancy touch, making it an ideal option to consider for parties and night outs. You know the best part? Its glossy fabric is not hard against the skin at all.

4.Mesh Around Floral Print Top

Any closet is incomplete without the addition of black clothes, and this top is exactly what you have been looking for! The stylish nettop can effortlessly make you stand out in the crowd. It is short in length and has an excellent fitting, thus perfect for booty display. It can look good with anything. So, you can either pair it with your favorite bottom or keep your legs bare; it’s all about personal preference.



5.Crisscross White Boyfriend Shirt

Summers demand for some dull colors, and of course breathable fabric. This oversized shirt can give you a street-style look, and it doesn’t ask for high maintenance at all. You can use it casually or wear it at night while sleeping because it is comfortable and is made of soft fabric. Moreover, this white shirt can look great with all kinds of bottoms, since the color is neutral.

6.Floral Satin Vintage Top

Girl’s love for floral prints is endless! The next one on the list of 2018 Cheekywawa trendy latest women fashion collection is a must-have top in the wardrobe of every lively girl out there. From color to print and cut; it is designed to instantly give you a stylish look. Although the shirt is oversized, its material is breathable. So, you will feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

7.Floral Midi V-neckline Dress

Another great option for summer is here! This midi dress is nor too short neither too long, and it is a great choice for casual summer/spring wear. It has a deep V-neckline to reveal your cleavage, and to add a sexy touch to your overall appearance. You can wear it to the friend’s gathering or at a beach.


The list of our recommendations ends here, but there are several other options waiting for your approval at 2018 Cheekywawa trendy latest women fashion collection. All you need to do is, browse through the site, pick your favorite dress, add to cart and checkout. Your dress will get delivered to your doorstep within days. The best thing is that Cheekywawa updates their collection every week. In short, you can get new clothes every week! So, sign up newsletter get 20% off today. Happy Shopping!


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  1. Sarah says:

    The cheeky style is so classy they are very much different from other look and a fashion hyped. I have never tried but if I go to any party I think I’m going to try it next time. thanks for the article I find it really amazing and a unique post keep it up.

    1. cheeky says:

      Hey Sarah, thanks for your support!! we will keep providing the best contents for all of babes x

  2. Floyd Wells says:

    A woman who dresses up according to the current fashion style is noticed more than the persons who don’t stay current with the latest fashion trends. Following the trend is a great way for a lady to express herself. It allows her to keep her style in tune with the current trends. Besides that, staying up to date with the latest trend provides the woman a competitive advantage. Thus, in my opinion, a woman needs to pick latest outfits under her budget so that she can stay classy and high-toned. Thanks for this post 🙂

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